About Luxury group

A promise of excellence composes, The Luxury Group in a diversified business that was built through an over 30 years of experience. The composition is tailored, and is encompassing of 4 varied businesses known as- , Luxury Food Stalum, Saudi Emaar & I-Buffeh. Currently, the firm is operating in eight different cities across Saudi Arabia. Its headquarters is situated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. .

Luxury Food Company partnered with leading industries of the world, such as CINNABON, Mamma Roti, Simit Sarayi & SEATILE’S BEST COFFEE.

Stalum: With a prome focus on Cooking Appliances, and a factory facility span area of 8000m2, the factory exports it home alliances to regions of the Middle East, and has the capacity of hundreds of tons per year. Mainly aimed at covering all commercial clients needs of kitchen appliances, the distribution flows to trader and wholesaler targets, and the product vary form Pots & Pans, Pressure Cookers, Bakeware & Ovenware

Saudi Emaar: is a Luxury Future Manufacturer company specializing in making a wide assortment of furniture for multiple purposes with total factory ground and facility of 10,000 m2.

IBuffeh: Is an innovate platform that fingertips of consumers specializing in Hospitality Services for platform subscribers. ibuffeh allows its customers to enjoy their buffet at their preference choice place from our fabulous listed hotels and restaurants in Saudi Arabia.


To be the help hand in providing people with the best of the luxury equipment and facilities, food and services to satisfy their needs and interprets consumer’s tastes and aspiration.


People buy People, Our products are solely for the consumers and we have only one vision, to do good to the people around with great services and products..